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Here you can customize the kind of cheesecake that fits your tastebuds. Pick as many or as few ingredients as you want. Also, please note any specific instructions (ie dried pineapple instead of fresh or milk chocolate as a topping instead of blended with the batter) on the order page after you place your order. If nothing is noted, we will prepare your cheesecake as we feel it will be best enjoyed.

Price starts at $38 for each 9" cake and $18 for one dozen mini-cheesecakes. Each ingredient costs $1 and each topping is $2. There is also an additional fee for Organic and Low Fat/Low Sugar options.

Feel free to email us with any ingredient suggestions. We may just add them to the list!

Please note that while we may use organic ingredients in your non-organic cheesecake, we will never use non-organic ingredients in your organic cheesecake.




SPICES (No charge)







NOTE: Please note any special instructions on the checkout page after you submit your order.

*Low Fat/Low Sugar Cheesecakes have about 20% fewer calories, 35% less fat & 30% less carbs than our regular cheesecakes, but with 100% of the flavor.

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